воскресенье, 24 октября 2010 г.

One more urgent word

The act of putting a referendum initiative on the ballot over and over, on the theory that voters will eventually support the proposition because they don't want to hear about it anymore.
"A referendum on banning ice cream again? This is the third time they've tried to get this passed in four years."

"I'm voting in favor this time, just to be done with this neverendum."

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Eric комментирует...

Very good topic! Well done!!!

This is how it goes in civilized countries. But there's a set of countries where neverendum is never required as the proposition is always passed, just because it's put on the ballot. I've come across this astounding thing three times, and so have you, I guess. =))

Yolka комментирует...

Yep. That's why I don't visit events of this kind :)

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